Dances and Tunes

We will be adding links to dances and tunes from time to time so keep on visiting this page…  NB: You may have to sign into Youtube to view them

This first is a link to a video of Bal Limousine being demonstrated. Clear and uncluttered, this video will help you revise, review and perfect those moves! Bal Limousine, the dancers make a few mistakes but look at Benoit (blue jeans) and Maria Guerbigny (red top)

Bal Limousine from Youtube

Now for something completely different. Dans Kef

is a relatively ‘new’ dance from the Leon region of Brittany. (North coast, west of Roscoff). Some d’Accorders learnt it from the horses mouth so to speak – the young equipe who choreographed it in response to a general feeling that Dans Leon was a bit ‘old hat’………….

Dans Kef from Youtube. Watch the man in the hat!
Bal Kef from Youtube. Watch the man in the hat. Again!

CONGO de CAPTIEUX : this dance was briefly shown at Annette’s workshop in the autumn.

Link to Congo de Captieux on Youtube

NB: it is easier to watch ONE person at a time, and work out where she is going in relation to the others. The ‘men’ part are danced by the women in trousers (white T-shirt) , (red head band). The ‘women’ part are danced by the women in skirts (orange dress) , (orangey skirt & orange scarf)


This is the one we all try to dance back to front (or front to back).  Lively step and the key thing to learn…..? You go BACKWARDS first!

Link to Maraichine on Youtube